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Cruinnithe Braisle DROICHEAD do MNCanna | DROICHEAD Cluster Meetings for NQTs


Newly Qualified Teachers (NQTs) are required to attend up to three different cluster meetings for the duration of the Droichead process. Each cluster meeting is a forum where NQTs can discuss and seek clarification about the Droichead process and professional practice. NQTs are encouraged to ask questions, seek guidance, reflect upon particular challenges and share successes, ideas and experiences. Cluster meetings are facilitated by experienced Droichead Induction Associates and provide avenues of both professional and personal support to NQTs. This shared-learning approach builds professional relationships, confidence and competence. NQTs must complete their full cluster meeting requirement in line with the Droichead Cluster Meeting Calendar 2023.2024.

To book a place in upcoming Primary Cluster Meetings in West Cork Education Support Centre, please click here

To book a place in upcoming Post Primary Cluster Meetings in West Cork Education Support Centre, please click here

NB To book a place in either of the above meetings you will first need to register with West Cork Education Support Centre and then you can book into the specific Cluster Meeting you want. 



NQTs must complete one different cluster meeting (specific to their sector, primary or post-primary) per term in sequential order for the duration of their Droichead process. NQTs must complete Cluster Meeting 1 (CM 1) before engaging in either Cluster Meeting 2 (CM 2) and/or Cluster Meeting 3 (CM 3). NQTs should not submit their online Form D until all aspects of their Droichead process, including their full cluster meeting requirements, have been fulfilled. If a Form D is received where all the cluster meeting requirements are not met, it will not be processed by the Teaching Council.

CM 1 will be available face-to-face in education support centres and CM 2 and CM 3 will be available online as per Droichead Cluster Meeting Calendar 2023.2024. This should be read in tandem with Cluster Meetings: Important In & Attendance Protocols.



Donegal Education Support Centre (DESC) is the central administration hub for Droichead Cluster Meetings nationally. All NQTs must first register here in order to receive and download cluster meeting certificates. The submission of cluster meeting certificates to the Teaching Council is one of the requirements when concluding the Droichead process.


NQTs should select and book the CM 1 that they wish to attend. Registering with multiple Education Support Centres and/or for multiple cluster meetings will result in removal from the cluster meeting register. Please be assured that there will be adequate provision of cluster meetings to meet the demand each term.



NQTs must apply for Droichead via the ‘My Registration’ portal on and receive a confirmation email from the Teaching Council (which gives approval to commence the Droichead process), prior to registering for any cluster meetings.


The confirmation email from the Teaching Council will include a link to the DESC website where NQTs will register:


Cruinniú Braisle 1 - dátaí agus amanna do Mhúinteoirí Nuacháilithe (MNC)

Osclófar clárúchán le haghaidh dátaí agus amanna Braisle 1 ar leith do Mhúinteoirí Nuacháilithe (MNC) ón gCéadaoin 20 Meán Fómhair. Cuirfear tús le himeachtaí Cruinniú Braisle 1 an tseachtain dar tús 2 Deireadh Fómhair ar aon dul le Féilire Cruinnithe Braisle Droichead 2023-2024 (anseo).

Tá a thuilleadh eolais ar fáil ar

Cluster Meeting 1 - dates and times for Newly Qualified Teachers (NQTs)

Registration for specific Cluster Meeting 1 dates and times for Newly Qualified Teachers (NQTs) will open from Wednesday 20th September.  Cluster Meeting 1 events will commence week beginning October 2nd in line with the Droichead Cluster Meeting Calendar 2023-2024 (here).

For further information please visit